Cut to look slightly over-seized, this style is cropped for the hem to sit at the waist to hip-bone.  They look great with fitted, high-waisted style skirts and trousers.  Due to the process of eco-printing and construction, each of these tops is a one-of-a-kind item.

Each of these tops is a labour of love for the environment.  I save large off-cuts of eco-printed cotton blend fabrics and piece them together into these cute box-tees which not only look and feel great, but also reduce waste. 

Wear it on its own in summer or layer it up for winter over a base layer of a fitted knit top.



One Size - to fit 8-12

This dress measures 108cm at the bust.



Eco-printing is a method of transferring the natural shape, patterns and pigments of leaves onto fabrics using natural mordants and assists. It relies on the alchemy of nature rather than chemical inks. I gather the leaves from my own garden and local area before throughtfully and carefullyplacing them onto fabric to create unique prints. Each piece of fabric I create is as unique as the plants I gather the leaves from - no two pieces are exactly the same.


Upcycled Cotton Blends

In an effort to reduce waste and find alternative sources of fabrics I followed New Zealand's luxury hotel supply chain to a local supplier of their linens. Once these fabrics have even the smallest of marks or imperfections they are removed from circulation and are deemed waste. I then purchase these items from my New Zealand supplier and carefully cut, print and dye them, making them into garments to extend their life-span. These items are all cotton-rich and have a minimum of 50% cotton content.



Each piece I make is designed, naturally dyed (and/or printed) and made from ethically sourced fabrics, in Wairarapa, NZ. I use fabric off-cuts to make smaller items or for packaging, where possible.