Our tradition of "Hot Chocolate O'Clock" started way back when Mario and I opened a tattoo studio in Wellington. Every afternoon my heart went out to our clients in for a full day tattoo session… so I just had to perk them up with a warm chocolatey hug for the soul.

I put together some select ingredients, each with special health, energy or comfort-giving properties, and my signature hot chocolate was born. 

People have asked me, over the years, for my recipe but I have kept it close to my heart… until now…


My recipe was always dairy free but had honey added.  To make this completely honey-free, vegan version I have replaced honey with Vegan Hunny.


This kit includes all you need to make many hot chocolates (including a set of two vintage NZ made Temuka mugs or Crown Lynn cups and saucers (somehow hot chocolate tastes better from a cosy, vintage cup!)).  I've sourced  local and fair trade ingredients for these kits - and included some Hello Raw Macaroons for an extra treat!


These kits make a beautiful gift for someone special or yourself.  Whoever the recipient, they'll feel the love of a warm, chocolatey hug from within with every cup!


Vegan Hot Chocolate Kit