How wonderful to drift off to dreamland with your head resting on a work of art...

These silk pillowcases are not only luxurious (um, hello silk!) but are also unique works of art from nature.

I collected, prepared, layed each leaf by hand then bundled and tied each piece of fabric to make the marks permanent. After unbundling, rinsing, drying and pressing each piece of silk I then sew them into pillowcases.

Finally, I wash and iron every pillowcase so that they're ready to slip your own pillows into and sleep on as soon as you get them home.

This set is eco-printed with autumn wind-fall ash leaves and silver birch.



48cm x 73cm



Eco-printing is a method of transferring the natural shape, patterns and pigments of leaves onto fabrics using natural mordants and assists.  It relies on the alchemy of nature rather than chemical inks. I gather the leaves from my own garden and local area before throughtfully and carefullyplacing them onto fabric to create unique prints. Each piece of fabric I create is as unique as the plants I gather the leaves from - no two pieces are exactly the same.



Luxuriously smooth and naturally hypoallergenic, silk is gentle to wear. A natural insulator, silk helps to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Silk requires less processing to print and dye than plant-based fibres so uses less water and generates less waste than other fibres. It is also pesticide free and completely biodegradable.



Each piece I make is designed, naturally dyed (and/or printed) and made from ethically sourced fabrics, in Wairarapa, NZ.  I use fabric off-cuts to make smaller items or for packaging, where possible.



Each piece I make is carefully wrapped and sent in a biodegradable post bag.

Silk Pillowcases - set of 2 - Ash & Silver Birch